For three days I have been putting this off since I said I would have the talk.

It all started when my 12 year old walked in with magnum condoms and said heres your condoms dad. I forgot I loaned him my back pack?Uh oh..

He was not a happy camper and in my defense I yelled out like an idiot ?Adults are allowed to have sex? then slammed my door and hid in my bedroom.

So …its now three days later and I am procrastinating talking to him and writing this instead of having the
The funny thing is I have actually had this talk with single mom friends kids.

Its always been the same. I make sure not to embarrass them..tell them its alright and explain condoms and no matter what not to get the girl pregnant..oh and give them a Costco sized box of condoms and tell them all they need to do is call and I will get more. Of course later on the Mom gets mad that asked me to have the talk and explains she would have rather I just told them not to have sex and Jesus will not forgive them..of course these single moms forgot what they were doing at their kids age and what got them into the current situation of having a teenage kid that we now need to explain to them why they need birth control. just had the talk with my 12 year old. That was awkward and he and I have a truly close relationship. I raised him since an infant by myself so I thought we had open communication. He did not want to talk about it but I forced him too. I should be a grandpa in the next year or so God help me. I explained it all to him and his feelings were if you like a girl you should have sex with her..I am in deep trouble..

So?how have you dealt with this issue and do you think it helped?