So today?s little story is about me having egg smeared in my face but it ended up being a good thing!

So a few weeks ago my girlfriend drags me to a lunch with a male friend?.a guy she dated a couple times years ago. Hmmm?not really my speed and being the caveman kind of guy I am and extremely territorial I was lets say..less than enthused.

I did end up going because I totally trust her and understand they have become friends and it?s important to her that I meet him. I myself usually lose them after I use them so this is a new one to me. I agree to this but on one condition..she must go through the same thing if I can find someone I dated that I would be willing to actually endure a meal with. Quickly after our lunch I forgot about the whole getting even because I realized I had nothing to worry about. The biggest problem at lunch was it was so boring it was hard for me to stay awake.

So it just happens that someone I dated about a year ago Facebooks me tonight and says lets all get together and she wants to meet my new gal. I get very happy because I think..yes! Not only does my x want to hang. She is attractive. REVENGE! This is sure to help me get even with my gal. I get to make her go through the same thing as I did only this backfires on me because now both these gals are excited about this and its on for next Friday. So much for my plan on making my gal jealous.

I never really thought keeping an ex around other than the occasional Facebook or email was a good idea but in all actuality I really liked the person I used to date. Not enough to make a future of it but enough to be good friends.
I guess sometimes in life its time to grow up and when people have been put into your life maybe its good to keep them especially if they are good people.

By the way? Not only did I go to lunch with my gal and her old flame. I actually ended up setting him up with a friend of mine and we all went on a double date. Funniest part is he and I ended up hanging and talking most of the night.