So what is ?The Refined caveman?.

This started off as a platform to launch survival and self help guides to guys of any age. This was designed to help the man who is maybe a little rough around the edges in life. The ones that have fallen through the cracks a little bit or maybe feel they were put into a time that just wasn?t right for them.

In writing the first guide of ?How to be a man in modern times? I discovered we are all a little bit of a caveman. We are all intertwined together in one form or another. From the jocks to the pretty boys to the nerd sitting at home playing video games right now we are all the same deep down inside.

As men we have lost our place in this world. Our roles have changed and have not quite been defined yet. We are evolving or maybe a better way to put it s the world is evolving and we are trying to hold on to something solid. For as much as we have advanced with technology and information we have had to mute our instincts.

For a man to mute his instincts and basic desires or as my GF puts it our lizard brains we are forced to evolve into not being quite a man but still having to be a man in the way our women want.

What was to be a simple and easy task for me writing guides to help guys has become a difficult task because how to define what a man should be when the expectations of a man has changed so much in recent years.

In my Dads time a man was characterized as a bread winner, the man of the house, the leader of the family.
All these have been thrown out the window in modern times and to use these terms in modern times means you are a male chauvinist.

Of course a woman still wants to be taken care of, still wants the man to be secure, strong and confident and to lead but when he is these things he is also seen as a caveman.

Its still the expected job for a guy to take the trash out but God forbid we ask our woman too cook. Then we are placing expectations on the roles.

So where is the balance in all this?

How does a man be a man when the definition of one has changed so much?

That my friends is what this website and these books are about.

This is our opportunity to once again define who we are rather than let the society at large do it.

I want to hear from men and women. I want to know what men feel. I want us to share with each other and want us to find our place again.