Ok, so I know the picture is a little over the top but there is a lot of truth to it. I see these magazines everywhere and occasionally will entertain myself by actually reading the garbage some woman wrote telling women how to be sexy or how to make your man want you and so on?The reality is most of the articles you are reading are a complete waste of time or just flat out B.S.

If you want to know how to be sexy for your man or what is sexy to a man, ask your man. If you don?t have one, ask a male friend.

If you think trying to look like a model or dressing like a skank is sexy your way off the mark. Most men don?t find that sexy.

Ok maybe the dressing like a skank part we do but to us its not a good sexy. It?s a hey I am ready to bone sexy. To us that just means you?re an easy lay. Not that we find you so hot we want to keep you and have a future with you. By the way if it was easy for us to hook up with you and then you tell us you have never hooked up that fast with anyone else we know it?s a lie. We use the same one!

When it comes to models I don?t know one guy who finds a six foot, 80 pound woman sexy. If anything we find it a little disgusting. Who wants to make love to a woman that might break in half during sex or pass out from lack of ever actually eating a meal!


If he found you sexy enough to be with you then to him that?s what sexy is!! Most of us guys don?t fall in love for you for your wonderful personality. We found you appealing and our animal instincts kicked in. Those instincts drive us to get what we desire and after we have tasted what we desire we start falling in love with you. If you have a guy in your life already then to him you are sexy or he wouldn?t be with you!!

Keep in mind every guy has a different idea to him as to what makes a woman appealing. Almost everyone I know thinks Kim K. is hot. Looking at her turns me off faster than a cold shower so don?t beat yourself up comparing yourself to the women in the trash mags. For every body shape and look there is a guy out there who finds yours perfect! You don?t need fake boobs, a nose job, duck lips or any of it. All women are beautiful naturally. 90% of men prefer a real woman than one injected with plastic!!

Now if the flame has died down a bit and you don?t think he finds you sexy then open up the communication and ask what he needs and just give it to him Don?t make it a big deal or complicate it. Just give your guy what he needs and he will find you sexy again.

At the same time tell him what you need to feel sexy again. If your man is into you and cares he will give you anything especially since we know it always comes back to us. Yes, you may need to ask more than once so don?t take offense. We as men don?t know when you really need something or if you are just nagging. The best way to talk to us is just sit us down when its nice and quiet and just talk with your heart. We do respond to that. If your man doesn?t then you have bigger problems.

The sexiest thing a woman can do is be open and passionate. If you make your man feel like a king he will find you the sexiest creature on the planet!

If you are just trying to feel sexy in your life for you then by all means do whatever it takes for you to feel that way.